This newly renovated area is famous for being the gate into Palestine for Jewish immigrants following World War II, and later a storage area for the industrial port of Haifa.  Today it is Israel’s only major cruise port, and a vital part of the city’s new upscale culinary scene. Explore this area, as well as the hopping Turkish Market streets across the main drag, and enjoy some great bites, along with varied spirits that range from boutique Israeli beer and wines, to innovative cocktails, or just a good old pint, and head spinning shot of Israeli arak (Anise liquor).

*Be sure to call ahead to book these restaurants. Best to allot 1 hour for each stop to allow adequate time to be seated, served, and for you to enjoy the spot to the fullest before moving on to your next stop.  NOTE: Thursday and Friday are very busy nightlife nights in Israel! Be sure to book earlier in the week to ensure you’ll have a spot at these local hotspots!

RECCOMMENDED: For a more social and interactive experience, take your food and drink at the bar, so you can chat with the barman or make a local friend.

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26 HaNamal Street, Haifa

Start your night off right at Haifa’s first craft brewery. Taste a flight of all five craft beers available on tap, or choose a cold half-liter of your favorite kind of beer. Sample the focaccia or beer bread  served with anchovy butter, to line your stomach and set you up for a fun night out!


33 HaNamal Street, Haifa


Exit Libira, and walk just across the way to Morel World Tapas and Wine. There you have a choice of affordable high quality boutique Israeli wines, and endless options of slightly more expensive varieties. Try wine from the Vortman winery in Haifa, and consult with chef Liraz regarding which of his delicious tapas (full appetizer size) will pair best!

Cheese Food Bar

21 HaNamal Street, Haifa


Walk just down the street and duck into Cheese Food Bar for excellent Italian apps and a glass of Lambrusco or a apperatif of limoncello. Try the mushroom and truffle risotto (their signature appetizer), or one of their decadent in-house made desserts. Chat with the friendly staff while you enjoy your food.

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Turkish market and Vesper Cocktail Bar

9 Dovrin Street, Haifa


From Cheese, cross over the main road towards the Turkish Market streets. You’ll recognize this area by its bustling bar scene. Continue down to the end of Dovrin Street to Vesper Cocktail Bar, where you can enjoy the barman’s choice from the rotating menu of upscale cocktails. End your night here, or stay in the area, and continue exploring the many choices of pubs and bars, filled with locals who are out just having a good time.

To get back to your starting point: Walk down through the Turkish market streets to Atmaut Street (the main drag).  Cross the road, and walk back down the street until you reach the Haifa HaShmona Central Train station.