Cinematic Paris

An impossibly photogenic city--and the world's most popular tourist destination--Paris makes a perfect scene for a movie shoot. Writers and directors are in love with the city, immortalizing it in numerous films and books. Some play up its romantic cliché, adding a kitschy “French soundtrack” t

Indulge in Red Hook Brooklyn’s Seaside Foodie and Artistic charms

  An industrial area filled with pockets of cultural, culinary, and artistic beauty as well as kitsch, Red Hook has much to offer the intrepid explorer. Secluded from the rest of Brooklyn by an expressway on one side and waterfront on the other, it’s developed a supportive community of art

Document a day out in your city!

Are you an aspiring travel writer, or simply someone who loves urban exploration? Sidekix, a smart walking navigation app which routes you by your interests, is recruiting writers to help us create themed walks to be used in our blog and on the app.