Cinematic Paris

An impossibly photogenic city--and the world's most popular tourist destination--Paris makes a perfect scene for a movie shoot. Writers and directors are in love with the city, immortalizing it in numerous films and books. Some play up its romantic cliché, adding a kitschy “French soundtrack” t

Downtown Rio de Janeiro: Where old meets new

In downtown Rio de Janeiro, you can get a feel for the city’s history and learn about the locals, or “Cariocas” as they call themselves. Downtown has a lot to offer with its coffee shops, secret urban gems, museums, cathedrals, and a variety of restaurants and bars where you can

Indulge in Red Hook Brooklyn’s Seaside Foodie and Artistic charms

  An industrial area filled with pockets of cultural, culinary, and artistic beauty as well as kitsch, Red Hook has much to offer the intrepid explorer. Secluded from the rest of Brooklyn by an expressway on one side and waterfront on the other, it’s developed a supportive community of art

Jerusalem underground nightlife tour

As the sun sets over the stony hills of Jerusalem, the mountain air cools and people head out for a chat over a drink, a live show or a party in one of the local bars. Jerusalem’s nightlife culture is more on the hippy, relaxed side and you’ll find many people hanging out along the pedestrian st